Chemiepark Lülsdorf

Ideas are born here, and the future of chemistry is created.

Chemiepark Lülsdorf GmbH was founded at the beginning of 2024 as the central player in a dynamic network of chemical parks. We are continuing the site’s more than 100-year success story efficiently and with vision.

Partner companies benefit from our extensive infrastructure, jetties, rail connections, and a network of pipelines, including the ethylene network (a connection to the hydrogen core network is under planning). Our central location in the heart of the Rhineland, in the direct vicinity of Cologne/Bonn Airport (CGN), ensures efficient logistics and access to a pool of well-trained specialists. Various open spaces currently covering over 20 hectares are available for interested companies.

Chemiepark Lülsdorf represents the partner network to the outside world and takes part in the joint active further development. We are the driving force behind the inspiration and creative power of our partners through an innovative and productive workplace. People dedicated to innovation around the molecule.

Chemistry in tune with people and the environment

Our services

Integral location services for efficient processing

Our chemical park management offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure smooth operations. From the reliable supply of energy and media to ensuring compliance with safety standards and official regulations, we support your operational processes. Our expertise in areas such as logistics, analytics and maintenance enables you to optimize production processes and keep costs as low as possible.

Our bespoke plant infrastructure has been carefully planned and designed not only to optimize operational processes, but also to meet high safety standards and enable efficient use of available space.

With a comprehensive understanding of the complex requirements of the chemical industry, we offer bespoke logistics solutions that ensure safe storage, even of hazardous goods, efficient transshipment and smooth transportation by ship, road, rail, air freight or post.

Our experienced team of engineers and technicians continuously monitors the condition of the systems, plans preventive maintenance measures and uses innovative engineering solutions to minimize downtimes and optimize production capacity.

Through our close cooperation with the relevant authorities and regulatory bodies, we not only ensure compliance with all legal requirements and regulations, but also actively promote the interests of our partners and represent them in all dealings with the authorities.

Our integrated supply system not only guarantees the provision of electricity, steam, compressed air, water and nitrogen, but also offers bespoke solutions to optimize energy consumption and ensure a continuous and reliable supply.

We rely on innovative technologies and efficient processes not only to dispose of waste and wastewater in accordance with strict environmental regulations, but also to recover resources and implement circular economy concepts.

Our highly specialist analytics team uses state-of-the-art analytical methods and instruments to deliver precise and reliable test results that not only support quality assurance, but also enable the continuous improvement of production processes.

Purchasing & technical warehouse Through strategic procurement management and the use of modern warehousing techniques, we ensure cost-efficient procurement of operating resources and raw materials as well as needs-based warehousing in order to avoid bottlenecks and optimize supply chains.

With a focus on high-quality and balanced catering options, we not only support the performance and well-being of our employees, but also promote a healthy working culture and teamwork.

Chemiepark Lülsdorf with extensive infrastructure: canteen

Our holistic plant and fire protection concepts are continuously optimized through regular risk analyses, training and simulations in order to identify potential hazards at an early stage and minimize them through preventive measures.

Our holistic safety concepts are based on a proactive risk assessment, continuous training and a participative approach that promotes the involvement of employees in the company’s safety culture and thus raises awareness of potential hazards.

With a holistic approach to health promotion in the workplace, we not only offer medical examinations and first aid training, but also ergonomic advice and prevention programs to reduce accidents at work and health risks.

Best infrastructure in the hub of the West


Best infrastructure in the hub of the West

Transport infrastructure
The strategically advantageous location between Cologne and Bonn, one of Europe’s most important economic centers, offers excellent opportunities for access to national and international markets as well as first-class transport links through freeways, railways, the Rhine and direct proximity to Cologne/Bonn Airport (CGN).

Skilled labor pool
The region around Cologne and Bonn has a rich talent pool of highly qualified specialists in the fields of chemistry, engineering and research. With a large number of universities (e.g. RWTH Aachen University and Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences), universities of applied sciences and research institutes, you have access to a broad spectrum of talented employees.

Innovation ecosystem
The region around Cologne and Bonn is a dynamic center for innovation and research. The proximity to leading research institutions and companies allows you to have the benefit of an inspiring and collaborative environment that promotes the development of new technologies and products.

Quality of life
Lülsdorf and its surroundings offer a high quality of life for employees and their families. With a diverse cultural scene, first-class educational institutions and attractive natural surroundings, the region offers an ideal environment for combining work and life.


A global company in the Wiesengrund

Green surroundings
Lülsdorf and its surroundings have a charming and natural landscape. With green meadows, forests and the idyllic banks of the Rhine, the region offers an inspiring environment that promotes health and well-being.

Environmental protection
The region around Cologne and Bonn is a leader in environmental protection and sustainability. Here you will find a strong commitment to protecting the environment and promoting renewable energies. Lülsdorf is a vibrant community of businesses, residents and organizations that work together to protect the environment. Through collaboration and commitment, we are working to protect our environment and create a sustainable future.

Renewable energies
Lülsdorf and the surrounding area are pioneers in the field of renewable energies. With a large number of wind and solar energy plants as well as innovative projects for the use of biomass and geothermal energy, the region offers a sustainable energy supply for companies that rely on green energy.

Sustainable infrastructure
Our region has a modern and sustainable infrastructure that is designed to minimize environmental impact. From environmentally friendly buildings and efficient transportation systems to recycling and waste management solutions – here you will find the ideal conditions for an environmentally conscious company.

Integrated community of independent companies

Vision & Mission

Where tradition meets new synergies, the path to the future is paved.

On an area of over 100 hectares, our 500 or so employees manufacture products that are in demand worldwide at many production facilities of the local companies Lülsdorf Functional Solutions GmbH (alcoholates in contract manufacturing for Evonik and potash derivatives) and KFS Biodiesel. These are used by customers in the production of biodiesel, food and pharmaceuticals, among other things.

And just like the chemical industry, Chemiepark Lülsdorf is constantly evolving. The announcement of the construction of a new plant for alcoholate production by Vynova is an example of our constant willingness to innovate. We are currently examining the replacement of the International Chemical Investors Groups (ICIG) electrolysis process and are already setting standards for sustainable chemical products in the form of fuels with the local company KFS Biodiesel.

As a member of the ICIG, we have opened up Chemiepark Lülsdorf to third-party investors – a total of over 20 hectares of open space is available for production. Through new production partnerships and the utilization of raw materials such as ethylene and hydrogen from connected networks, we are also striving for a transformation to sustainable chemical products – for example, supplying the nearby Cologne/Bonn Airport (CGN) with fuels from our park.

Our mission is to create a fully integrated production community of independent companies – and to pave the way for a future-oriented and sustainable chemical industry.

Neighbors by location – and partners by conviction

Open spaces of various sizes

Welcome to Chemiepark Lülsdorf

We currently have more than 20 hectares of mostly uncontaminated open space – most of it undeveloped. This enables a flexible connection to our infrastructure.

However, as a tenant or lessee of a production area, you will be much more than just our neighbor: As our partner, you have the benefit of a dynamic and mutually supportive community – and take part in our collective and successful further development.

A foundation of commitment, partnership and determination

Our team

Management and contacts

In an industry that is constantly facing new challenges, our team is the strong foundation on which Chemiepark Lülsdorf is built. This requires not only extensive experience and expertise in the chemical industry, but also a clear vision and mission for the future. Through commitment, partnership and determination, we can ensure that our company not only grows, but also further expands its role in the chemical industry.

Dr. Dirk Röttger
Dr. Dirk RöttgerTechnical Director Chemiepark

Dr. Dirk Röttger is equally a beacon of continuity and of development. He has many years of experience in production and technology in the chemical industry and has been involved in the planning and construction of several chemical plants in Germany and abroad. Exploiting the potential of the Lülsdorf chemical site and helping interested third parties to settle there will be his main concern in the coming years.

Rafael Reiser
Rafael ReiserCommercial Director Chemiepark

Thanks to his diverse management positions within the ICI Group from the very beginning, Rafael Reiser is familiar with the multifaceted tasks and challenges facing a Director, especially in change processes, and can use his many years of experience to make the still young Chemiepark Lülsdorf GmbH fit for the future.

Carolin Meyer
Carolin MeyerHead of Corporate Communications

Carolin Meyer is responsible for public relations for Chemiepark Lülsdorf GmbH and is in contact with regional contacts and the immediate neighborhood. It supports location development and acts as a link between newcomers and the management.

Michael Rötepohl
Michael RötepohlHead of Location Development

Michael Rötepohl uses his expertise in the field of site development and chemical park establishment in a targeted manner for the realignment of Chemiepark Lülsdorf and establishes contacts not only with suitable chemical industry companies, but also with start-ups that are important for the transformation into a sustainable site.


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Part of a strong production site


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